Message from The Adviser General of JUSTICE AND GOVERNANCE (JAG) AUSTRALIA

15 August 1975 was the Darkest Day in our History.

Yes, It Has been A Significant Day in The Bangalees’ History. The Very Sad Day

That We had Lost Our Great Father of The Bangalee Nation ‘BongoBondhu’

And This Had Happened Due To the Criminally Motivated Actions of A Few BD Army Renegades. Who had been Masterminding the Assassination Scheme.Yes,

As Apparently A Matured & Older Person And A Eye Witness of 15 August of 1975 —

I Can Testify Always & in Any Time I do Testify that It was A Nasty Clandestine Conspiracy

to Overthrow An Elected  Bangladeshi Civilian Government of The Bangladeshi Mass By Only

Those Few Highly Ambitious & Bigots of The Then Army’s Renegades Who became “Chain of Command” on 15 August 1975.

Please Note That ——————————————–

My Ancestor by the Name of BongoBir General M.A.G. Osmani was the One & Only Person who Then Condemned . Against Those Renegades And Then To Quell The Situation of an Eminent Civil War Among The Combined Defense Forces . And The Pro Sheikh Mujib Forces such as The National Guards (Jatiyo Rokhkhii Bahini)…………….

He Stepped in to Rescue And Restore Peace And Stability in the Volatile, Violent Country in August of 1975. No one Can Honestly Deny these Facts of Bongobir And BongoBondhu — Those Men who had Dedicated Their Lives for the Peoples Republic of BanglaDesh !

The General Osmani has had been Forgotten by The Current Bangladeshi Bureaucrats who hardly mentions .His Role, Name And Never Ever Officially Celebrates the Birth or Death Anniversary in Bangladesh.

My Questions is Why ???

Why You and I — That means We are Ungrateful to the Legendary Men like Bongobondhu And Bongobir ??Why had We Allowed Those Renegades to Rule Bangladesh Continuously for 21 Years after The Tragic

Assassination of Bongobondhu ?

You And Others might Pretend that it was an Insignificant Event But The Very Event had Stained our

Nation’s Glorious History. The Noble Spirit of Liberation War had been Stomped by those Traitors ( Renegades ) And Still You have had systematically Nurtured / Sustained theirs Administration between 1975 And 1996 ?


Do You know that ……..

You Are Smart !

Pretty Smart !!

Only For Theirs’ Self Interests Over National Interests — All those Administrative Staffs had effectively sustained & Supported the Killers’ Government During The Era ( 1975 to 1996 )

It is the Stain that Can Not Be Blotted ….. Cry Bangalees…

Cry ———— We Must Now Work Together in the Spirit of Reconciliation

And try to Heal Our Wounds of infighting !

Bangladesh became A Rising Nation of Immense Potential and InshAllah in 2021 it will Charm the World

And Yes, Oh Yes By 2041 InshAllah It shall be One of The Developed Nations in the World.

We may not or might not Live to See the Greatest Achievements of The Bangalee Patriotic People,

The Achievements for The People And The Very Achievement By The People in the Distant Future

BUT We Can Sincerely Pray to Our Creator God (Allah) Who is The God of All Nations to

Defend Ours Bangalee Nation !     That’s All for Today. Thank You Ladies And Gentlemen,

Thanks to The Bangalee Compatriots And To Those Noble Organizers of the BD High Commission Administration.


Joy Bangla !              Joy Bongobondhu !!         Long Live Bangladesh !!!


Asta La Vista !

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