My Grand Uncle And A Peoples’ Favourite General
“Forward, my countrymen, to protect the lives and Honour of our men and women, to secure the future of our citizens. Whatever be their religion, caste or creed, and to defend the independence of Bangladesh.” ———- M. A. G. Osmani
That Message was Given by the General during The Battle for Bangladesh And It was simply A Classic Example of His Short but Precise instructions to the People to Motivate Them for Resistance against the Erstwhile Brutal Pakistani Military Forces !
Bongobir General M. A. G. Osmani.
He was A Man of The “People”, A Military Genius, A Statesman, Political Visionary, A HUMANIST AND AN ARDENT DEMOCRAT
If you have been just looking for A Perfect example of a ‘Man of Integrity’ at The bygone 20th Century or Even at This Current Age Context, the Correct answer will be The General Mohammad Ataul Goni Osmani. Anyone – friend or foe, relative or stranger, known or unknown, senior or junior – who came in contact with him for any reason, will unquestionably agree that there cannot be a Better example than Him. All those who knew Him well will Certainly accept that He was A Man of Principles, Self respect, Confidence And dignity. Nothing could ever make Him compromise on Principles.
Bongobir Osmani is the name of an era, the name of a Bangalees’ History, the name of a Generation, and the name of a chapter by itself in our Bangladeshi National history. It is one of those very few names of the twentieth century, which were pronounced most frequently with maximum honour and pride. Osmani is a noble name which will always remain enthroned in the hearts of all Bangladeshis and continue to serves as glorious moral beacon for patriotism, courage and dedicated public service. He is the symbol of struggle for our homeland, a symbol of valour, a symbol of success, and above all, the symbol of justice, hope and aspiration.
General Osmani was an outstanding and bold Military Leader. He tasted the success of winning a War, where he was the Commander-in-Chief of the Victorious Mukti Bahini. This is of course a rare opportunity for any General in his Own Lifetime. He was one of the few Bangladeshi National leaders who at the same time nurtured and inspired us with a number of high principles, Human virtues, Moral values, and a very high Degree of Military Professional Excellence. This is why We —— The Bangalee Bangladeshi People, should Study this Great Personality, who will continue forever to inspire Us and Also guide those Future Generations of Heroes and Heroines Male or Female Leaders of Our Vibrant Progressive Nation.
General Osmani was a unique individual, who served as A British trained Military Officer in the Erstwhile British Ruled South Asia [ Pakistan, India & Bangladesh ] for 7 Years. Thereafter, he served as a Distinguished Pakistani Federation’s Army Officer for 20 years. He played a key role to build formidable Armed Forces of a New Nation of, Pakistan. Whatever happened next will remain a dream for others in the world. An ex-British South Asian or as An ex-Pakistani became the man of the match of the Liberation War in 1971, which gave Birth to a Beautiful, Lush green and Thriving “Bangladesh” General Osmani is one of the most famous Bangladeshis and will Certainly Remain So, as Long as the History of Bangladesh Lasts. As We have Mentioned Earlier The first Commander-in-Chief of Bangladeshi Forces, Bongobir General M.A.G Osmani [ AGeneral of the Mukti Bahini from April 1971 to December 16, 1971) was highly blessed by the Almighty Allah, because in the beginning, he Commanded the Combating and Winning Bangladeshi Peoples’ Armed Forces, and thereafter Transformed the three services, i.e. Army, Air Force And Navy into a highly professional one. Interestingly, General Osmani also had the unique opportunity to Command a People’s Army, the ‘Mukti Bahini’ like Vo Nguyen Giap of Vietnam. Many Great Generals fought the Wars with full Logistical backup, having all the complements required to win a war. But General Osmani led a way against heavy odds. Fighting a trained, numerically superior army with nothing in hand is really a formidable task – General Osmani did that Successfully!
The resounding words of General Osmani still Resonate in the Air of An Independent Bangladesh: While People of Bangladesh at war …. It was Our Battle for Bangladesh was a National War of Liberation in which the Entire Bangladeshi Nation, irrespective of Political beliefs, caste or creed stand united as one man. Certainly the Combined Masses ideals were high, resolution hard as Steel—— We will free Bangladesh from the Pakistani Occupation of the inhuman, Godless Enemy who were Totally Devoid of All Ethics, Whatever Could Be the Cost. . .
In true sense, I would humbly state that This Greatest General of the Generals, with relatively insignificant Physical stature, Towered Over Everyone Around Him ! A Short Biography about Him is written below:
M. A. G. Osmani

Native name মুহাম্মদ আতাউল গণি ওসমানী
Nickname(s) Bongobir (বঙ্গবীর)
Born 1 September 1918
Sunamgonj, Sylhet, Assam Province, British India

Died 16 February 1984 (aged around 66)
London, England

Buried Shah Jalal Dorgah Cemetery
Jalalabad Sylhet, Bangladesh
Allegiance • British Ruled India (1940–1947)
• Pakistani Federation (1947–1967)
• Bangladesh (1971–1972)

Service/branch • British South Asian Army
Pakistani Federation Army
• Bangladesh Army

Years of service • 1940–1947 (British India)
• 1947–1967 (Pakistan)
• 1971–1972 (Bangladesh)
Rank • Colonel (Pakistan Army, retired in 1967)
• General (Bangladesh Army, 1971–1972)

Commands held • 1st East Bengal Regiment
• 5/14th Punjab Regiment
• East Pakistan Rifles
• Military Operations Directorate of the General Headquarters (Pakistan Army)

Battles/wars • World War II
• Bangladesh War of Independence

Conclusion: I have had attempted to introduce the Bongobir but I do not know that Will there be any Bongobir in Bangladesh who will surpass or succeed more that the Bongobir Osmani. Thanks.

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